Rules, Regulations and Etiquette General

Motorsports can be dangerous and may involve injury or death 

At Pembrey MX we make sure your motocross experience is a reliable and safe experience, so that you can focus on improving your riding skills. 

All bookings are subject to availability and are only confirmed once full payment has been received.  

All bookings are non-refundable but you will be allowed to reschedule in extreme circumstances if at least 48 hours’ notice is given. This is at the discretion of Pembrey MX. No dogs are allowed on site.


1.1 Your use of the PMX facility whilst participating in any scheduled PMX activity is subject to these terms and conditions. The completed and signed booking form, together with these terms and conditions, a completed Consent and Safety & Risk Declaration  Form and the PMX Rules, Regulations and Etiquette  shall constitute the entire agreement between you (‘the Customer’ also referred to as a ‘Participant’) or the person making the activity booking on your behalf, and us.    

1.2  In the event that you are booking an activity on behalf of a group, ”you” and “your” shall be deemed to include each member of that group.  Furthermore, you as the individual booking the activity agree to ensure that each member of the group has read and agrees to comply with these terms and conditions.   

1.3 A completed booking form or full payment must be received prior to you attending your chosen activity.   

1.4 Once your booking has been made and or received by PMX, full payment is required before your booking can be confirmed. This is non refundable.  

1.4 Payment can be made by using debit or credit card.    

1.5 Prior to utilising the PMX facilities, all participants will need to sign the Medical Consent Form (Activities) which we will make available to you. As a patron of PMX, it is your responsibility to inform PMX  if the medical health of any of your party, or yourself changes in the duration of your booking. 


Every attempt will be made to ensure that PMX activities run as scheduled. However, we reserve the right to close PMX at any time without notice due to unsuitable conditions, forecasts, prevailing weather conditions, or due to any other factors beyond our control or if we feel that there are unmanageable risks.   

2.1 In the event that PMX is closed then pursuant to this clause we may at our sole discretion offer you another session or part session without further charge or offer you a reasonable refund.  

2.2 PMX may at its sole discretion cancel any bookings that have not been confirmed (i.e. paid in full) 1 week before the activity start date.  

2.3  If you have already commenced your activity at PMX when it is cancelled or closed pursuant to clause 2.1, we will take any time you have already spent at PMX into account when deciding how best to reasonably compensate you.  


3.1  We recognise that occasionally you may wish to change your mind. If you wish to cancel your booking we operate the following cancellation policy:  

3.2   If we receive notification of your cancellation 7 days or more before your activity start date, we will refund in full.  We will endeavour to return  your payment within 14 days of receipt of your cancellation request.   

3.3   If we receive your cancellation 7 days or less before your activity start date, we will not issue you with a refund.  

Before you start riding our MX coaches will give you a safety briefing to make sure you feel safe and are familiar with the code of conduct.

Riders must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the land owners, organisers and such persons or body as may be authorised by MT3 Events limited.

Strictly no riding in the pits, you must push your motorbike to and from your vehicle to the tracks. Any person found breaking this rule will be asked to leave without a refund.

All riders must declare themselves / their child to be physically and mentally fit to participate in motocross riding. No dogs are allowed on site.

All riders must wear as a minimum:

An ACU stamped properly fitted safety helmet




Clothing that covers arms and legs

Chest and back protection

Tear offs are not allowed

All riders must recognise and accept the risks involved with motorsports and only attempt the features and obstacles suitable for their level of ability.

Motorsports in the UK has a tough time when it comes to noise. It is very hard to gain suitable permissions for motorsport activities. Let’s do our bit in helping by making sure we are not using unnecessary noisy bikes. Well-maintained machines and a standard pipe will help us keep motocross training facilities open.

All bikes using Pembrey MX must comply with sound test before using the track

Sound Level Control

Two tests will be in operation.
Static Test – For all machines pre 2010.
The FIM 2 Metre Max Test – For machines post 2011.
For machines 2013 and onwards – maximum sound limit 112dB/A (+2 dB/A before each session, +3 dB/A after
the session) tested using the 2 Metre Max method. Type 1 and Type 2meters.
For 2010–2012 machines – maximum sound limit 115 dB/A (+2 dB/A before each session +3 dB/A after the
session). Tested using the 2 metre max method. A further review will be made at the end of 2022.

Any machines failing the test will not be allowed to use the track and no refund will be issued.

No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed before or during the use of Pembrey MX. If the organisers suspect alcohol or drugs have been consumed before or during the day, they have the rights to refuse use of facilities.

Any riders under the age of 18 years of age – a parent or legal  guardian will be required to be present to sign the indemnity terms and conditions. Parent/guardian must stay on site to supervise their your child though out the day.

Pembrey MX cannot accept any liability for adverse weather, by attending and inspecting the track conditions before you ride. It is deemed you have accepted the prevailing weather and track conditions.

Pembrey MX instructors reserve the right to immediately eject anyone who is, in their opinion, riding in a careless manner, being a nuisance or annoyance to others, causing damage, riding in the pits or an any area other than the designated track. This is for your own safety and the enjoyment of others. A refund will not be offered and you will not be allowed to return. Pembrey MX reserve the rights to recover any costs.

Riders need to inform Pembrey MX instructors of any previous or current medical conditions by completing a medical questionnaire. e.g Lung or heart conditions, breathing or learning difficulties which may have an impact your safety and that of others. If you are unsure, please speak to the instructors.

Accessing the tracks:

Enter only via the track entrance, one bike at a time having obeyed signals from a marshal, who

will check for correct wrist band, helmet fastened, and correct clothing.

Exiting the circuit:

Only leave the circuit at the exit point.

Stopping on the circuit:

Only stop in case of mechanical breakdown or a signal to do so from a marshal. If forced to stop

on the circuit or run-off area, park as safely as possible (far from the track and preferably behind a


Please Remember:

Place used oil in waste oil tank.

Put all litter in skips or bins provided.

No bikes in spectator area.

No passengers on motorcycles.

Children must be supervised at all times.